Old pick-up lines unlucky for love

By Colleen Edwards

BRIAN and Irene Winchester are rapidly approaching their 51st wedding anniversary this month, and the whole affair began with dirty dish water - not with a pick-up line. "Irene was working in the officer's mess in London and I was a soldier," Mr Winchester said.

"I had seen her a few times and I wanted a date, so I walked over to the sink and plunged my hand in the dishwater so I could use the towels that were near her and chat her up!" Contrasting this direct approach are the pick-up lines being used by young people today.

A publishing company based in the United Kingdom, Chambers, has released a reference book listing what it deemed the best pick-up lines to help modern-day Lotharios.

The guide was published in the hope of helping holiday makers heading to European destinations this summer by showing boys how to impress the girls and also making girls aware of the charms of potential suitors.

Some of the lines to make the cut included, "You must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day", and "Was your father a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes".

Amy Newbold, Simone Clarke and Rhiannon Layt, all 17, have had experience with pick-up lines, and none of them were successful.

The girls have their own advice to give the boys.

"Stop trying too hard," Amy said. "Being too eager is a turn-off, and boys shouldn't be sleazy.

"Guys should try to be friends first because you have to get to know a person before anything can happen."

Mr and Mrs Winchester have their own advice for young people who are hoping to be lucky in love.

"You have to be honest and you have to be bold because a faint heart never won a fair lady," Mr Winchester said.

"I said, 'hello, will you come out with me'? and it took her 10 days to say yes!"

Mrs Winchester agrees.

"I thought he was lovely, but I was terrified of him," she said.

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