Mock disaster day a success

By Kate Wilson

SCREAMING and bloody teenage girls were lead away from a bus at Bundaberg Airport yesterday, as fire-fighters, paramedics and police officers faced the worst airport disaster Bundaberg has seen.

Bundaberg Fire and Rescue Service station officer Kevin Lucas said the mock disaster exercise united all of the city's emergency services and prepared them for the real thing.

"More than anything, this kind of exercise gets us used to the way the other emergency services work," Mr Lucas said.

"The fire and rescue service are the chief combatants in an emergency like this, so it is good for the other services to see what we do and then we can see what they need to do."

Yesterday's exercise posed the question of what would the emergency services do if a plane, which had exploded in the air, had to crash land at Bundaberg Airport.

"The scenario was the captain had radioed ahead so we had some services there waiting to address the situation," Mr Lucas said.

More than 20 Bundaberg State High School students supplied dramatic talents for the exercise.

"They were convincing in their roles," Mr Lucas said.

"They certainly tested out the ambos with their crying and reactions."

Bundaberg Police officers conducted an investigation into the "crash" before the whole exercise was wrapped up in time for lunch.

Bundaberg Mayor Kay McDuff said council, as aerodrome operator, was responsible for establishing emergency procedures at the airport "Council co-ordinates an exercise, either desktop or a physical accident simulation, every year with at least one physical exercise every two years," Cr McDuff said.

Cr McDuff said the goal of the plan was to reduce the effects of an emergency, particularly in relation to saving lives.

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