Archers hit world title bullseye

by Kate Wilson

HEATHER Bourke and Ruth Peters had the world title in their sights at the recent World Field Archery Championships and, in true form, these women hit the bullseye.

The archers led the Saxon Archery Club at the international event held in Wide Bay last week.

Mrs Bourke won the Ladies Bow Hunter Unlimited Compound Division and said this led to her ranking as world number one.

"I've been training for this event for two years," Mrs Bourke said.

"It took me a few weeks to get into it because I was nervous about using a weapon," she said.

"After that I was hooked.

"You have to live and breathe it to be any good."

Mrs Bourke said she had been walking 5km and shooting between 60 and 100 arrows every day in preparation for the event.

The archer has the valuable support of her husband Peter, who is her coach and bow technician.

"He claims about 10% of my medal, but it is really a 50/50 thing," she said.

Mrs Bourke said the competition could be gruelling, requiring the archers to spend five days carrying equipment across muddy fields, enduring sledging and maintaining a high score.

"The mental toughness was the hardest part," Mrs Bourke said.

Ruth Peters also won a world title, in the veteran ladies division.

However, Mrs Peters was surprised to find herself winning the competition.

"It was unusual, I have only just come into my division, so it is unusual to do so well so early," Mrs Peters said.

Archery has been a family past time for the Peters, and the new world champion is still relaxed about her training regime, taking a few shots once a week.

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