The topic of abortion has entered the election debate.
The topic of abortion has entered the election debate. Zinkevych

Anti-abortion campaign targets Donaldson

LEANNE Donaldson has pledged to support decriminalising abortion if she is to win another term in a Labor government.

While issues such as electricity prices, jobs and a new level 5 hospital have dominated discussions in the lead up to the November 25 poll, two advocacy groups are hoping to put abortion on the agenda.

Voters for Life placed an ad in Thursday's NewsMail, accusing Labor of supporting abortion up to birth for any reason with no safeguards for pregnant women and urging voters to put Ms Donaldson last on the ballot paper.

Ms Donaldson said the advertisement was a "shameless distortion of reality" and was "deliberately misleading".

Should abortion be decriminalised in Queensland?

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Abortion remains a crime in Queensland and is only legally permitted when a doctor believes a woman's health is in danger.

Pro-choice advocacy group Fair Agenda hopes to change that and has snagged nearly 150 signatures from state candidates including Bundaberg's Ms Donaldson, independent Alan Corbett and the Greens' Marianne Buchanan who have promised to "vote to remove abortion from the criminal code, and support laws to ensure all Queenslanders can safely and legally access full reproductive healthcare, without being harassed or intimidated".

In February, independent Cairns MP Rob Pyne withdrew bills to decriminalise abortion in Queensland a day before they were due to be debated in parliament, after LNP Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls vowed his party would not support the legislation.

Ms Donaldson said the bills have been referred to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, which is expected to report early next year.

"Women do not take decisions around abortion lightly, this is a decision that should be between a woman and her health professional," Ms Donaldson said.

"We do not want to see a return to the practices of unsafe backyard abortions especially in regional and remote Queensland.

"I would hope the other candidates for Bundaberg support the move for the decriminalisation of abortion in Queensland."

An LNP spokeswoman said they had no plans to change or review the laws relating to abortion if it was to win government.

Questions were sent to One Nation candidate Jane Truscott who could not provide any comment by deadline.

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