Angler reels in a surprise catch

Kobus Erasmus caught what is thought to be a gummy shark at Rocky Point at Winfield.
Kobus Erasmus caught what is thought to be a gummy shark at Rocky Point at Winfield. Kobus Erasmus

THEY say never smile at a crocodile, but how about a blunt-toothed gummy shark on the end of your fishing line?

Bundaberg fisherman Kobus Erasmus got the surprise of his life on the weekend when he hooked the 80cm shark while fishing at Rocky Point at Winfield.

Usually only found in cooler waters in southern Australia, Mr Erasmus reeled in the 80cm shark - which can grow to 1.75m and weigh up to 24.8kg - took a photo and threw it back in the water.

What is thought to be a gummy shark.
What is thought to be a gummy shark. Kobus Erasmus

Having only moved to Bundaberg from Roma in February, this was one of Mr Erasmus's first fishing expeditions in the region, and one he is unlikely to forget.

"I was just doing a bit of prospecting to see where we can go fishing and where it would be safe to take my son,” he said.

"I was looking on the Tackle World site for some locations and one was Rocky Point, so I went out there, took some bait, threw in a line and caught a gummy shark.”

Unsure what type of shark it was, Mr Erasmus posted a photo on recreational fishing pages and was surprised to find most agreed it was a gummy shark.

"Everyone said you don't find gummies out there, the waters are too warm,” he said.

The shark was caught on frozen bait fish from Grunske's, another first for Mr Erasmus.

Reeling in the shark, the keen angler said he was thinking "um, this is big”, before coming face-to-face with the shark.

"Five minutes before the shark, I lost something really big,” Mr Erasmus said.

"Then I caught the shark ... physically it was about three metres in front of me,” he said.

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