Bundaberg Golf Club president Trevor McLeod.
Bundaberg Golf Club president Trevor McLeod. MAX FLEET

All the president's men

BUNDABERG has surged to a big lead in the President’s Cup after the first round at Bargara Golf Club on the weekend.

The men of Bundaberg Golf Club were too strong for their coastal counterparts, cruising to a 12-shot lead ahead of the next round on home soil.

“It was a disappointing result in the end,” Bargara Golf Club captain Garry Williams said.

“Now we’ll have to go to Bundaberg and beat them to win, and that’s not going to be easy.”

If winning away from home was a challenge, it certainly did not look that way for the Bundaberg team.

In the men’s competition, Bundaberg won 17 of the 24 matches.

In the women’s competition it was close, with Bargara and Bundaberg winning four matches each and sharing three matches.

But Bundaberg now has a 12-point lead going into the next leg of the President’s Cup event.

Geoff Loveday, from Bundaberg, said the Bundaberg men had forged stronger partnerships than their Bargara opponents.

“We had strong teams and we put together the best teams to win,” he said.

Bargara men only won five matches on the day; two were squared.

“I expected it to be closer than that,” Loveday said.

“I was surprised when I heard the score.”

The dominant display means that Bundaberg will likely break the stalemate that has surrounded the contest for the past three years.

The trophy has remained in Bundaberg after three straight draws between the clubs.

NewsMail columnist Jean Davis set the tone for the traditional rivalry last week when she claimed the trophy would be better off in Bundaberg — away from the seaside air.

As part of the talk leading up to the tournament Bargara Golf Club pro, Phil Curd told NewsMail his club was seeking the “bragging rights”.

But after all the talk, it was Bundaberg’s performance on the course that counted.

“At the moment it looks like the cup will stay in Bundaberg and that’s disappointing,” Williams said.

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