Continuing to pour on the beautiful music

ONLY a few more days before the LBS show hits the stage at the CWA Hall in Quay St this Sunday at 1.30pm.

I have no details of the line-up, but I would assume it is unchanged, and will be Shazza Leigh, Peggy Gilchrist, Ashley Cook and the man himself, Lindsay Butler.

Lindsay has more runs on the board than the entire national cricket team, with 40 years as a professional musician and more than 20 highly successful albums.

He richly deserves the title which he wears - The Master of Country Guitar.

His youth was spent on his parents' dairy farm at Tenterfield, but his passion for guitar surpassed any interest in the bovine factor that would have seen him following his father's footsteps.

His break into the music scene came when he was invited to appear as a guest on Athol McCoy's show, which led to his first stint on the road with Athol for the rest of the tour in 1968.

The biggest break of his career arrived a couple of years later when Barry Thornton retired as Slim Dusty's lead guitarist after a 20-year stint.

Slim asked Lindsay to fill the gap, and the rest is history.

After some years touring with Slim, he moved into the production field, establishing the highly successful LBS Studios which have opened the doors for so many young aspiring Australian country music artists.

He continues to pour out the beautiful music, and no doubt occasionally pondering the times he made himself scarce while the milking was on.

This man could help break and enter investigation

This man could help break and enter investigation

The man is about 30 years old with a light brown complexion

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