PARENTS who are about to embark on the journey to conceive with the assistance of IVF are one step closer to home with a lab now in Bundaberg.

Affordable IVF medical director Denise Donati said the IVF treatment lab meant patients would now be able to have all IVF related treatments done locally.

"We opened in 2007 with the soft types of fertility solutions such as fertility testing, semen collection and freezing," She said.

"But patients would have to travel to the Sunshine Coast have the procedure done.

"In 2012 we heard it was becoming more and more difficult for local patients with the cost of travel to the Buderim clinic."

She said as a result of the demand the specialists realised the need to set up a lab locally in Bundaberg to cover the Wide Bay region.

"We now offer a tailored IVF based solution here," Ms Donati said.

"Couples can now have everything the first consult to embryo transfer all without leaving town.

"(Last week) we saw the first home grown IVF Bundy baby made here locally - it's very exciting."

"Finances shouldn't dictate whether people should start or extend their families."


Ms Donati said with one in six couples needing assistance to fall pregnant. And as it is more accepted now than before she had found the need higher then in the past.

"When it comes to fertility issues it comes down to 40% an issue with the male, 40% issue with the female and 20% a combined issue," she said.

"It's a very private matter and we are glad we can help these people with their families."

The lab operates on a rotating two monthly roster where the nurses and specialist all come up to Bundaberg from the Sunshine Coast.

Ms Donati said it was done this way to give the families of unsuccessful transfers a months rest before trying again.

And the affordable treatment had drawn patient interest from as far north as Rockhampton south to Maryborough.

She said while IVF wasn't the solution for everyone it was surely good news for those who are looking into that option to start or to add to their families.

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