Alcohol fuels 15 arrests

ALCOHOL-fuelled violence saw Bundaberg Police make 15 arrests in eight hours on Saturday night – including nine people involved in a brawl.

A busy Saturday night became a nightmare morning for police officers after the fight erupted outside the Central Hotel about 3.30am yesterday.

A police spokesperson said a large group of people was leaving the hotel when a scuffle broke out and became a free-for-all, leading to nine people being arrested and taken to the Bundaberg Watch House.

One man, a 23-year-old from Taringa, in Brisbane, allegedly fought with police as they tried to defuse the situation.

He was charged with two counts of assaulting police and one count of obstructing police, and will appear at Bundaberg Magistrates Court on November 15.

Another person was charged with public nuisance and obstructing police, one was charged with liquor act offences, and six others will face court on charges of public nuisance.

But that was not the only trouble during the weekend.

Bundaberg Police Sergeant Mike McLellan said there was a total of 19 disturbances attended by police between 10pm Saturday and 6am yesterday.

In that time, there were six other noise complaints - and six people were charged with public nuisance.

“It was like New Year's Eve for us in terms of the number of jobs,” Sgt McLellan said.

“It's stretching police resources to the maximum when we have to tend to this level of drunken behaviour.”

He could not pinpoint a cause for the flare-ups.

“It is a real concern to police that there has been this level of violence,” he said.

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