Airtasker ‘electrician’ slapped with $100k fine

AN AIRTASKER "electrician" has been fined $100,000 after an investigation revealed he had no training or qualifications at all to perform that work.

Amilcar Appel posed as a qualified electrician between November 2015 and June 2017 but was exposed as an impostor after a licensed electrician reported substantially defective work in a home he had worked on.

An Electrical Safety Office investigation established Appel had conducted similar dodgy jobs at a further eight address around Brisbane in that time.

Appel, who failed to appear in court today, was convicted and fined $100,000 for 13 offences under the Electrical Safety Act.

Appel was convicted on four section 40C (category 2) offences concerning dangerous electrical work which exposed individuals to risk of death or injury, eight section 55(1) offences for performing work while unlicensed, and one section 56(1) offence for conducting a business while not holding an electrical license.

Magistrate Belinda Merrin said that while no one had been hurt or killed yet, the potential consequences of Appel's work were significant.

The dodgy work posed risk of injury or death. (File picture)
The dodgy work posed risk of injury or death. (File picture)

Head of Queensland's ESO, Victoria Thomson, said the sentencing served as an important reminder to everyone to check their electrical contractor is licensed.

"Faulty wiring or unlicensed electrical work can cost you thousands of dollars to fix up and in some cases, void your home insurance. Worse still, it can put you and your family in serious danger of electric shock or house fire.

"Homeowners can quickly and easily check their electrician has the right credentials by searching our electrical licences register," Ms Thomson said.

The electrical licences register and information on penalties under Queensland's electrical safety laws is at

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