Agnes kangaroo sanctuary is looking for help

SNACK TIME: Garry McLean with one of the sanctuary's more mature charges. The kangaroos love sweet-potato treats.
SNACK TIME: Garry McLean with one of the sanctuary's more mature charges. The kangaroos love sweet-potato treats. Mike Richards GLA170217ROOS

WITH 14 joeys requiring bottle-feeding multiple times a day plus their dose of daily exercise, it's no wonder Denise and Garry McLean are looking for some help at their Horizon Kangaroo Sanctuary.

The McLean's 10-acre property at Agnes Water has been run as a kangaroo sanctuary since the McLeans bought it nearly 15 years ago.

Denise said she and her husband would like to be able to take an occasional break from caring for their rescued joeys.

She said they were advertising for a mature, confident person who would be provided with food and board and receive a small amount of remuneration in return for helping the couple maintain the sanctuary.

Denise said it was a full-time job, involving caring for all the joeys as well as keeping their bedding and play areas clean.

The sanctuary has become solely devoted to the care of eastern grey kangaroos.

"A lot of the carers don't do the greys as they are the most sensitive of all your macropods," Denise said.

"They stress very easily and they are the slowest macropod to mature."

The McLeans release the kangaroos onto their property when they are ready to become independent.

But many of the females in particular like to come back for sweet potato snacks.

Denise said the overwhelming majority of joeys that found their way into her care were orphans of car crash victims.

However, occasionally joeys are rescued that have met with other misfortunes.

"I've got one at the moment, a lady just round the corner was going for a walk one morning, she could see crows dive-bombing something," Denise said.

"It was a little joey, she picked him up and brought him in."

"I've had one come in that was caught on a fence.

"Mum has obviously hopped over the fence, joey has tried to go over the fence with mum and not made it.

"The mum will only stay with the baby a little while, it'll be thrashing around and trying to get free, that'll bring attention ... mum she can't risk being a target."

If you're interested in the position contact Denise at:

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