Accused paedophile detained indefinitely due to risk factor

A SUPREME Court justice had labelled a North Queensland pedophile with a proclivity for groping and propositioning young people for sex in public as a "serious danger to the community".

Justice Peter Applegarth released his reasons on Friday for detaining Geoffrey Doolan indefinitely, noting any return to alcohol "would create an imminent risk" and his prospects of abstaining were "very poor".

He said the 47-year-old, who was supposed to be released from custody this weekend, was not suitable for a supervision order.

"Once intoxicated, sexual offending would be likely to occur soon afterwards," he said.

"A likely scenario is that he will become drunk and touch, grope or threaten females or males, either children or adults.

"His behaviour would be sexually motivated and disinhibited by intoxication.

"The expert opinion is that his conduct is unlikely to escalate to serious sexual violence or life-threatening violence."

Justice Applegarth said there might be hope a supervision order would allow authorities to quickly detect any return to alcohol abuse before he committed a sexual offence.

But he said the chronic alcoholism, lack of insight into his offending and its consequences for his victims, and his past persistent offending created a significant risk he would re-offend before detection.

When Doolan, 47, is not in prison, he gets drunk daily.

He has 14 sexual offence convictions, mainly involving approaching young people under 18 years of age in public while drunk and asking them for sex, over 20 years.

"The absence of a more serious sexual offence, such as rape, is probably due to his extreme intoxication, giving the victims a reasonable chance of escape," Justice Applegarth said.

Most recently, he indecently treated two brothers, aged 12 and 13, in the toilet of a hotel.

A 14-year-old girl was sick and started retching after Doolan grabbed her and kissed her on the lips while she waited for a school bus in Mackay.

He was sentenced to 12 months for that attack.

Doolan had previously received three months in jail for kissing a woman, 36, and asking her for sex outside an ATM in Rockhampton.

He also received six months in jail for grabbing a 22-year-old woman's breasts and squeezing them in 1996, 15 months before putting his hand up the skirt of a 13-year-old girl outside a cinema in 2000; 12 months for grabbing a woman, 23, and making a sexual suggestion in 2001 - all in Townsville.

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