Abandoned vehicles cost

BUNDABERG Regional Council Health and Regulatory Services Manager John Duffield said three cars have been impounded in the last month, which is “fairly average”.

“Vehicle impoundments are only occasional and tend to be old vehicles that are not roadworthy and have been abandoned on the side of the road,” Mr Duffield said.

“The vehicles are towed to a holding yard, advertised in the paper to enable the owner to claim them back, if not claimed within thirty days an auction notice is put in the paper and the vehicle is sold to the highest bidder. All unsold vehicles are sold as scrap.”

Mr Duffield said the cost to council of impounding each car varied.

He said advertising was about $120 a time, so $240 in most cases if not claimed by the owner before advertising for auction.

Towing is usually around $80, and admin is the remainder, for example, for officer time, preparation of adverts, and receipting.

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