A mum's gratitude to care unit staff

THANK YOU: The Bundaberg Community Care Unit.
THANK YOU: The Bundaberg Community Care Unit. Max Fleet BUN230715MIN1

A WIDE BAY mum has penned a heartfelt thank you to Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service's mental health team after watching the transformation of her daughter while staying at the Bundaberg Community Care Unit.

I am the mother of one of the first clients to live at the then brand new Community Care Unit opened in Bundaberg in 2015.

Through a mother's eyes and heart, the metamorphosis I witnessed in my daughter is immeasurable.

The team at the CCU took a very unwell and barely functioning young woman and have turned her into a butterfly, albeit with some scars. Their expertise and holistic approach - not only with my daughter, but also with me and my partner - has been the making of our family.

We will always be indebted to them because, by the time we reached the CCU, we had run out of options and answers. The facilities are the finest I have ever seen.

Living out of Bundaberg, it was hard to support or help our daughter in any meaningful way.

Knowing she was in a safe, clean and stable surrounding was in my mind a tiny miracle, after some of the conditions and experiences she had been exposed to because of her mental health and a lack of resources.

Those experiences were also impacting on me and us as a family. The emotional calm the unit gave us as humans you cannot put a price on.

Bec has been a real constant and positive influence in our daughter's life; Brian was someone else I dealt with often; and of course Joanie, the smiling face of the units.

But there are so many of you who contributed to this amazing transformation. I might not have caught your name or even met you, but please know you are included in this thanks as well.

It takes many cogs to make a machine work and every one of you does that.

Last, but not least, the ongoing support of my daughter since she left the CCU has been fabulous, professional and caring. Without it she would not be where she is today.

These days she is living in her own place, sharing with another person and paying rent, holding down a part-time job and generally interacting with the wider community.

We will be forever grateful.

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