Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre's Rebecca Lang.
Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre's Rebecca Lang.

A love of natural medicine

FOR FRIENDS and clients of Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre, Rebecca Lang’s passion for natural medicine is clear.

But it is interesting to see the road that has led her to becoming a naturopath and sharing her knowledge and experience with others.

As a child Rebecca while suffering from reoccurring ear infections which led to a lot of antibiotics also suffered digestive problems and really didn’t enjoy food.

Maybe because of this, she wanted to become a nurse and her first job was as a doctor’s assistant where she was trained to help with procedures and various duties within his consultations.

Moving to Port Hedland Rebecca then veered off the path and went into taxation, financial planning and bookkeeping.

Rebecca said by this stage she knew in every part of her being that she wanted to be a naturopath, but there was no HECS and her entire degree would cost $50,000 upfront.

“When my son was little, he had many digestive issues as well; he had various medical tests which showed he didn’t have any food allergies,” she said.

“It was then I decided to start my studies, one subject at a time; the first being nutrition; eventually moving from Perth to Queensland to be closer to my university.

“At the time when I first started studying, nearly 20 years ago, I only had to do an Advance Diploma in Naturopathy; but I decided to do a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in Naturopathy.

“So, I also did an Advance Diploma in Naturopathy, Advance Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Advance Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.

“While studying, I left my business background career to work at the Mater Hospital and for various specialists to learn more about the medical industry.

“Once qualified, I also did some work in pharmacy to increase my pharmaceutical knowledge. “I have never stopped learning as a Naturopath, and I am always doing courses and seminars to improve my knowledge.”

Initially running the business from home, Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre now operates in See Street Bargara and is well complimented by Rebecca’s second business Of The Earth Juice Bar and Health Shop.

“Natural medicine has improved my own health as well as my families and I request my own blood pathology, and various tests to be able to back up my naturopathic opinion with science. “I am passionate about preventing health issues, early detection and reducing the need for pharmaceuticals.

“I believe the best outcome for patients is when we can combine the best in modern and complementary medicine, supervised by a combination of educated health professionals.

“It must be remembered also that continuing education points are essential in my profession to stay registered with our associations, so every year I continue to do four times the required number of points at least.

“We can never know enough and because I am passionate about my life’s work, I will never stop learning.”

Now employing six staff, Rebecca enjoys reflecting on how far she has come and is grateful to employ a great group of people highlighting that as a small-business owner, your staff really become like your family.

Add to this many of her clients as she educates them on one of her other passions, cold pressed juices which are made using a specialised juicer that works slowly and without heat to ensure the optimal amount of enzymes, minerals and vitamins are extracted from the vegetables.

Adding to her services for her clients, Rebecca has also included Goddess Retreats and Detox Retreats to what she is able to provide.

“My son in now 19 and as he was getting older, I had to re-evaluate the purpose of my life.

“I came up with the concept of Goddess Retreats and Detox Retreats for women and I have done quite a few now with women travelling all over Australia to fly into Bundaberg/Bargara. “The women usually don’t know each other but leave as lifelong friends and It is a very healing time for all the women including myself.

“Everybody leaves feeling amazing in body, mind and soul, especially as for the time of the retreat it is vegan food only, lots of cold pressed juices, caffeine-alcohol-sugar-dairy and gluten free.

“The retreats, Juice Cleanse, Mentoring Program for Naturopaths, Of The Earth Juice Bar & Health Shop, 21 Day Detox and Weight Loss Program are all part of the creative ideas that I invent because I am passionate about my life’s work and helping people.

“I really want to make a difference to the world and help as many people as I can in this lifetime. “I like the concept of “Create something you wish existed”.

“I am always looking at how to learn more and create more, but my challenge in life is to keep reminding myself to stay balanced and that I can do it all at once.”

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