One of the many potholes appearing on the Ring Road, despite the road only being a year old.
One of the many potholes appearing on the Ring Road, despite the road only being a year old. Scottie Simmonds

New $90m Ring Road under fire

DRIVERS are angry about the condition of a 500-metre section of the year-old $90 million Ring Road, which has already started to warp and form potholes.

Kylie Miller, of Von Deest Street, said she almost lost control of her car when she hit a large pothole as she drove home along the Ring Road last Thursday.

The city bypass road, which was opened in September last year, now has a long section where the side of the road is breaking up near the outside line.

A number of potholes have formed along the stretch, near Crow and Von Deest streets, Kensington, while in another nearby section, the bitumen has warped so much the line markings are jagged.

“When I hit the pothole, my steering wheel wrenched and I was like: ‘Oh my God, what was that?',” Ms Miller said.

 “It just looks scary for a brand new road like that.

“If we got a really big storm, who knows what would happen with all the potholes?”

The mother of four said she had even changed her driving habits since first noticing the potholes.

“You are kind of forced to drive in the middle of the road to avoid them, which is not good with all the trucks driving along there,” she said.

Ms Miller, a regular user of the Ring Road, said that in recent months she had noticed more and more traffic using the stretch of road as more people got used to the idea of it.

A spokesman from the Department of Transport and Main Roads said the department was aware of the condition of the section.

“We are currently assessing it for improvement to make sure the correct treatment is applied,” she said.

“The surface condition of this section has been linked to weather conditions during the construction of this stage of the 14km Bundaberg Ring Road.

“This section is safe to drive on.”

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