9 road rules you should know

WE ALL know the road rules.

Or do we?

Here are nine rules of the road in Queensland you need to know - plus one we are sure you would like to be introduced to our state ...

1. Don't honk your horn to say goodbye

In Queensland, if you beep your horn to say goodbye to a friend or family member when driving away, you should rethink the practice. It's illegal as it's considered "improper use" of a warning device.

2. Remove sports gear racks when you're not using them

By law, if you're not using sporting equipment racks such as fishing rod holders and bike racks, you must remove them from your car. If you don't, you could cop a fine if the rack is deemed to be a protrusion.

3. Walk towards the traffic if on a road

If you're walking along a street with no footpath, the road rules state you must walk towards the oncoming traffic. This is so you're clearly visible to vehicles and they are visible to you. Note: a pedestrian shouldn't travel on a road if there's a footpath available.

4. Don't leave your windows open or car turned on

In Queensland, if you leave your car unlocked, windows down by more than 5cm, or the car turned on when you're more than three metres away from the vehicle, you can be fined.

5. Don't let your dog sit on your lap while driving

Queensland's road rules don't specifically require animals to be restrained while travelling inside the cabin of your car, but it's illegal to have a dog on your lap when you're behind the wheel and if you're caught doing this, you could cop a fine.

6. Bicycles must have a warning bell

You can't ride a bicycle on Queensland roads unless it has a bell, horn or similar warning device in working order. Just like a car horn, it's designed to be used as a warning to other road users.

7. You must give way to flighty horses

If you fail to give way to a "restive horse" you can be fined in Queensland. Restive means the horse is likely to baulk or is restless. The rule applies if the person in charge of the horse gives a signal, by raising a hand and pointing to the horse, and means the driver should move as far left as practical on the road, stop the engine and not move the vehicle until there is no reasonable likelihood the noise or movement of the car will "aggravate the restiveness of the horse".

8. You can't be towed behind a car when on a skateboard

It's illegal for anyone on a wheeled recreational device or toy to be towed behind a car in Queensland. Not only is it dangerous, it could cost you a fine.

9. Keep your limbs inside the car

The Queensland Road Rules state a person mustn't have any body part outside of the vehicle, unless they're the driver of a vehicle and are giving a hand signal.

10. Speeding up while being overtaken - New South Wales

Drivers who, for some reason, suddenly decide to accelerate once they are being overtaken.

In NSW, that person is driving illegally and

could be slapped with a $325 fine.

Now there's something worthwhile to import from a southern state, and particularly applicable to overtaking lanes on two-lane stretches of the Bruce Highway.

"While some of these road rules may seem trivial, they're about using common sense and are designed to keep all road users safe," RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said.

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