7 totally awesome reader ideas for new Sugarland eateries

WHEN news broke that Stocklands Sugarland Shoppingtown could be carrying out renovations and increasing dining options for visitors.

The news came after an application was submitted to Bundaberg Regional Council this week.

If approved, the proposed changes include a new food outlet area with al fresco seating and the development of the vacant plot of land between Woolworths and McDonald's.

Readers came up with some varied and clever ideas for eateries we don't yet have in the city.

Several Facebookers suggested Hog's Breath, however the store has told the NewsMail they have no plans to open new outlets.

Here's seven reader ideas that just might work.

Sumo Salad.
Sumo Salad. Bev Lacey

1. Sumo Salad

Sumo Salad has been a popular option every time locals have been asked what they'd like to see in Bundaberg.

And with health in mind, a salad bar is probably a good idea.

Sumo Salad didn't get back to us when we asked if they had a plan for the city, but if they've been reading out paper they'll know how popular they could be.

Could they be headed our way? Perhaps time will tell.

Yo Get It.
Yo Get It. Crystal Jones

2. A frozen yoghurt bar

The good thing for lovers of frozen yoghurt (or froyo, if you're down with the lingo) is that demand is high.

Frozen yoghurt outlets like Yo-Get-It and Yoghurtland offer diners the opportunity to fill their own tub with their choice of soft serve yoghurt flavours and top them with everything from fresh fruit to cookies and liquid filled balls of delicious goo.

In July, a spokesperson for Yo-Get-It, which has a branch in Hervey Bay, said they would love to come to the city.

"We would love to open a store in Bundaberg," she said.

"We run a franchise model, so really it is all about finding the right franchisee in the right location."

3. Nandos

Nando's is another popular would-be option for Bundaberg diners.

Famous for its peri peri chicken, Nando's is popular among many.

While the sauces and marinades are available in stores here, locals are calling for the restaurant to come to Bundaberg.

Readers are calling for a vegetarian or vegan option.
Readers are calling for a vegetarian or vegan option. Valentina_G

4. Vegan or vegetarian eatery

One hot topic among readers was the need for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant.

Rachel Spencer said she felt the region needed a good option for vegans and vegetarians.

"Now here's a suggestion I like," said Tammy and Sammy.

"That way it caters for our needs, as well as showcasing the veg/vegan life.

"By that I mean proving to narrow minded people uneducated about our lifestyle that we don't only eat 'grass'."

Lost at E Minor

5. Vietnamese restaurant

"Why don't we have Vietnamese food available in our town?" Kimi Jensen asks.

Could Bundy slurp up another Boost Juice?
Could Bundy slurp up another Boost Juice?

6. Boost Juice

Many locals are calling for a second Boost Juice franchise in Bundaberg.

There is already one in Hinkler Central.

7. Tea bar

A tea bar is always a hot suggestion on Bundaberg diners' lips.

With the popularity of different kinds of drinks in the region it's certainly possible that it could be a hit.

Who doesn't love a bubble tea?

Out of these seven ideas, which one would you want the most?

This poll ended on 12 September 2016.

Current Results

Sumo Salad


Frozen yoghurt bar




A vegetarian or vegan eatery


A Vietnamese restaurant


Boost Juice


A tea bar


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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