Our region's bus and train drivers, posties and delivery people make a world of difference to our lives.
Our region's bus and train drivers, posties and delivery people make a world of difference to our lives. kzenon

40 thank yous to our amazing garbos, posties and drivers

WE ASKED our readers to share their thoughts on the special delivery drivers, garbos and posties who make their days so much brighter.

There was a massive response from locals who said they were thrilled with the kindness, heart and goodwill shown by these workers.

This is what they had to say:

1. Kudos to the May St garbage collector

Our Garbo men in May St -a huge thumbs up. Every Thursday morning my son knows it's bin day and he loves to wave every week. He gets super excited when the bin man uses the robotic arm to drop the bin right where my son is standing, makes his day.

Chloe Ing-Wanstall

2. The garbo who cheers everyone up

Recycling Garbo man, does Coral Cove every second Wednesday. Lovely old fella cheers everyone up! My son loves bin day. Goes above and beyond to have a chat/wave and beep the horn. Even puts the bin as close as he can... thank you!

Samie Roebuck

3. Lady driver left an impression

There used to be a lady driver that did our bins (changed now) but she always waved to my little boy and made his day.

Keira Watson

4. Thanks, driver!

Ken from Stewart's buses who does the Coral Cove/Innes Park run to Bargara school. He's one in a million and my daughter thinks the world of him. Thank you Ken for taking such good care of her and the other kids. And I'm sorry for the behaviour of some other children that sometimes make your job so hard.

Coll Dwyer

5. Cane truck driver gives a wave

Shout out to the cane bin truck driver that goes past our house to load cane train bins and gives my little boy a wave every time at Welcome Creek!

Jena Egan

6. Trudie's a star

Our son has a sleepover at his grandparents' place just so he can see Trudie the rubbish truck driver. She goes above and beyond for him. It makes his day every week. A big thank you to Trudie.

Melissa McBride

7. Dad loves brightening lives

My Dad is a garbo truck driver and goes out of his way to make people happy. He would always pull the bins out for elderly couples and put them away, wave to kids and stop and have a chat. He loves the people he meets on his runs and would always bring home the most beautiful gifts from people. To anyone who had Wally, has the man who emptied their bins, thank you for always making him smile! He retires this year and will certainly miss his job.

Neeascha Annastaisa Schafer

8. Top job folks!

Both our garbo collectors and our postie are loved by my daughter (Cochrane St).

Christine Pratt

9. Cheers for the beep and wave

A big thank you to the recycling truck driver who does Coral Cove, you make my grandson so happy, thanks so much for the beep and wave.

Cathy Parry

10. Driver gave all the kids a gift

Chris from the Bundy South Buses that does the school run for the Branyan kiddies. She is amazing. Gave the bus kids a Christmas gift last year, dropped my daughter at our doorstep when she hit her head after having to brake suddenly to avoid an accident and also helped the same daughter get cleaned up after she was sick one day on the bus from a headache. She is the best there is and the kids adore her.

Trina Rapley

One postie carries treats for the region's dogs.
One postie carries treats for the region's dogs.

11. Postie is the pooches' pal

The postman in Burnett Heads deserves a pay rise! He takes dog treats and makes your dog sit for a treat to help encourage them not to bark. Such a genuine soul!

Kay Ward

12. Kids love Melissa

Shout out to Melissa who does the Moore Park school bus run for our kids (Welcome Creek area). Kids love having her and it gives me peace of mind knowing the kids feel safe when travelling to and from school.

Natalina Maddern

13. Driver rocks kids' world

The garbage men servicing Parklands Drive who always waves and beeps to my family day care children and my own children each Monday morning! They are only 2.5 years old and it rocks their world so thank you. Also to the Australia Post delivery lady whose quiet in case my children are sleeping and remembers my name for a more personal service. Thank you too! You're awesome and believe me I appreciate it!

Jacqui Augutis

14. What a great postie

Our normal mail man always stops even if we dont have mail. chats to my two year old boy and gives him the mail or a piece of paper if we don't have mail. Makes his day.

Nici Rapley

15. Thanks for the thanks

Thank you so much Kristie Hosler and Nicole 'Kirkwood' Smits, this has really made my day. It is a pleasure to meet parents and the children each morning and afternoon, with their happy smiles and wonderful chats that we have.

Nerida Dahl Nawwh

16. Thabeban's bearded postie

Oh my God, the bearded postie who does around Thabeban. The kids always got a howdy and even a random lollipop from him. They still remember him, the service is not the same here now we've moved six-plus hours from Bundy. Kindness costs nothing but people remember.

Lindi Modolo

17. Highlight of siblings' week

Every Friday morning down Totten St both garbage and recycling trucks wave and beep to my nearly two-year-old who races with his big sister to wave at the trucks going past! He gets so excited each week!

Jade Law Yep

18. No child unattended

South Kolan State School and Gin Gin High School buses have brilliant drivers! Considerate, never leaves a child unattended.

Donna Webster

Dot Soppa is a big fan of the Maroons, and locals are a big fan of her work.
Dot Soppa is a big fan of the Maroons, and locals are a big fan of her work. Mikayla Haupt

19. Nana's the best driver around

I think my awesome nanna Dot Soppa who drives the South Kolan school bus deserves a shout out for the best bus driver around!

Jess Clarke

20. Moore Park's garbo is a star

The lady who does the bins in Moore Park. My son loved watching the bins get collected and she would beep the horn and wave to my son as she came into our street and collect the bins. Since moving, he doesn't get to see the bins get collected because they come before we wake up.

Alexandra Marie

21. Bucca garbos doing a top job

Bucca garbage guys, you always make sure to give the kids a toot and a wave, and even took the bin when one of them accidentally placed it backwards.

Vee Jasmine

22. Bargara garbo happy to wait

The man that does the bins on Bargara Rd is lovely! He stops and waits for my little girl to get to the window each week as he knows she always watches! Makes her day and gives her a wave as he does it!

Chelsea Adams

23. Nicest driver in a long time

The driver of the Duffy's Number 5 school bus run in the mornings. Two kids with special needs welcomed cheerfully and looked after by the nicest bus driver I've seen in a (very very) long time.

David Curtis

24. Giving thanks with a six-pack

When I was young we used to thank the garbage truck driver by giving a six pack of beer. Great people in our community who do an essential job. Thanks!

Paul Olsen

25. The battle to get the bin out

Garbos that do Norville beside ATW are always waving and make the kids' day, my lot actually fight over who takes the bin out ... I love it haha.

Keiran Jay Roles

26. Sugar train drivers give kids a toot

We have sugar cane trains which come out to Gooburrum and toot to the kids when they're outside playing. They love it, especially our youngest.

Mark Travers

27. Thanks Wally

Definitely Wally, he is the most happiest man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Rebecca Pashley Williams

28. The kids love Nerida

Early learning centre Avoca, Nerida Dahl. She is awesome and my kiddies love her.

Kristie Hosler

29. Day made with a horn beep

Every Thursday morning my son hears the garbage truck, he runs out and waves. The garbo beeps his horn and makes my son's day.

Berylee Rule

30. East's garbo does an amazing job

The lady that drives the garbage truck over east always waves to my little two-year-old who loves to watch the bin truck.

Becca Anne

31. Cheers, Kevin!

Mt Perry school bus driver Kevin Cook does an amazing job.

Mel Sutton

32. Whoever does the Qunaba bin run, you're great

Our garbo stops so my Mr Three gets his wave in. Makes his day every bin day. Thanks whoever does the Qunaba run.

Kylee Black

33. Kids would cry without their weekly visit from the garbo

Pitt St garbo, grandsons would cry if they missed his pick-up with a toot and a wave. True story.

Peter Watson

34. Shout out to Mt Perry garbo

As soon as my daughter hears the garbo truck she runs to the door or window with complete excitement, shout out to the Mt Perry garbo.

Casey-leah Travis

35. Postie pops by for a chat

My postie is awesome. If he has a parcel, he beeps and rides into the driveway. Has a nice chat while I am signing off on it. Lovely.

Diane Porter

36. Big thumbs up to drivers

Jackie and Steve, Duffy's buses. Lovely drivers, my children adore them. Big thumbs up!

Marilyn Ross

37. Good job garbo and bus driver

Garbo that does Hanbury St, North Bundaberg and John from Duffy's buses.

Alley Maree Sim

38. Dot's good for a chat

Dot Soppa, South Kolan bus driver. Always lovely and a little chat.

Laura Christensen

39. Delivery lady is amazing

Our Australia Post delivery lady is amazingly!

Kelly Austin

40. Top drivers at Duffy's

Mick T and Rob at Duffy's are a great pair!

Jodi Willis-Roberts

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