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20 vintage baby names for girls

CLASSY and refined, just like their grandmother.

1. AGNES. This Greek name meaning 'pure and virginal' is an oldie but a goodie. And Aggie for short is just too adorable!

2. BETSY. You can spell this one with a Y or an IE, but either way it evokes a timeless sophistication with a touch of cuteness.

3. CORA. Now here's one you don't hear much anymore. Help bring back this uncommon moniker that will go beautifully with big sister, Olivia.

4. DAISY. Can you even say this name without smiling sweetly and tipping your head to the side? This flower name is making a comeback but is still unique enough to feel special.

5. DOROTHY. Meaning 'gift of God', this beautiful name can be lengthened to Dorothea or shortened to its simpler form, Dot.

6. ELEANOR. This versatile moniker can come in a whole variety of forms. There's Elle, Ella, Ellie, Nell or Nellie. All each just as beautiful as the last!

7. ELSIE. Close your eyes and picture what an Elsie would look like. Now picture the most beautiful little baby you've ever seen. It fits, right? Meaning 'pledged to God', this feminine name is a winner.

8. FLORENCE. Sharing its name with an Italian city, this classic name can be shortened to 'Flo' or 'Flossy' for something a little more unique.

9. HAZEL. Julia Roberts has such amazing taste, she named one of her twins Hazel. It means 'the hazelnut tree' and has such a gorgeous vintage feel, don't you think?

10. JUNE. Do you have a Jack and want something similar for his baby sister? How about a baby conceived in the thick of Winter? This lovely name is simple yet oh so elegant and we just love it!

11. MABEL. This Latin name means 'lovable' and what new bub isn't?! One thing we do know is this name ticks all the boxes - classic, beautiful and slightly unique.

12. MAEVE. This stunning Irish moniker means 'one who intoxicates' and this name is intoxicating to us. We love the way it just rolls off the tongue!

13. MARGARET. This Greek name meaning 'pearl' can be tailored to your little pearl. There's Maggie, Marg, Margie, Margot and Greta. It has a lovely old fashioned feel but can instantly become a more contemporary name.

14. NELL. This name is derived from Helen or Eleanor and means 'bright, shining one'. It may be a name from the older generation, but it really suits the younger ones too.

15. OLIVE. This lovely name is a great option if you love the name Olivia, but are looking for something a little less popular. This nature name is strong and independent yet feminine ... and who doesn't love olives?!

16. PEARL. This gem of a name is up five percent this week according to Nameberry. This would go beautifully with another gem name, Ruby, and can make a lovely middle name.

17. ROSE. There's nothing more beautiful than an English Rose. This name can also double as a middle name, but it's also just perfect on its own.

18. SADIE. This moniker derived from 'Sarah' means 'princess'. Your little Sadie could share her name with Adam Sandler's daughter or Christina Applegate's.

19. THEODORA. There's something really spunky about a masculine name on little girls. This old Victorian name can be shortened to Theo or Dora for a completely different sounding name.

20. VIOLET. This name is definitely not the name of a shrinking violet. Simply meaning 'purple', this classic name pairs well with Rose or Scarlet if you're going for a colourful theme.

This article appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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