A Qantas plane landing at an airport.
A Qantas plane landing at an airport. Alistair Brightman

$1600 return trip: Bundy woman rips into Qantas price change

AN ELDERLY Bundaberg woman feels cheated because the price of a last-minute return airfare increased by 233 per cent within hours.

Angela Sbrizzi, 80, refused to pay the final price of the Qantas ticket to Brisbane airport and took the Tilt Train to the capital city instead, but wanted to express frustration at the airline's prices.

The senior citizen attempted to book the ticket to Brisbane as part of a "dash trip", but preferred not to identify the personal reason.

Due to technical issues she was unable to book the $480 return ticket on Wednesday night when she first learned she needed to travel to Brisbane, and waited the following day to buy the ticket at the booking office in Hinkler Place where the price became $1600.

"I would rather walk to Brisbane than pay that sort of money," Ms Sbrizzi said.

"If I had to ask each one of the travellers or customers 'how much each of them paid from Bundaberg to Brisbane?'

"Why isn't it always the same price?

"It's unforgivable and uncalled for."

A Qantas spokesman said that there were regular one-way sales from Bundaberg to Brisbane that begin from $99, but that flights booked more than 21 days ahead could cost $139.

"As is the case for airlines around the world, the cheapest fares will always sell first so that's why we advise people to book ahead of time," the spokesman said.

"But fares can change quickly depending on demand."

The company is among those investigated as part of a Federal Senate inquiry into the funding of air route services to rural and regional communities.

Hearings were heard across Australia, including in Queensland communities such as Longreach, Winton, and Cloncurry.

The inquiry findings are expected to be heard on June 27.

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