'LONG OVERDUE': David Batt has given the pledge the two thumbs up - but readers, it seems, have not.
'LONG OVERDUE': David Batt has given the pledge the two thumbs up - but readers, it seems, have not. Paul Donaldson BUN051117BAT12

$15m promise for water park gets cool reception

IT'S been on Bundaberg's wish list for a long time but now it seems the idea of a water park isn't so appealing.

Facebook users took to the social media platform yesterday to voice their opinion after the NewsMail revealed that the LNP Party would commit $15 million towards delivering a new Bundaberg aquatic facility and water park if elected this month.

And although a water park has been the theme of many discussions from NewsMail readers and a priority for many over time, some are now saying it's not needed.

"Waste of money. Will be a white elephant after the novelty wears off, " Monica Elsey said.

"We don't need a water park! There are beautiful beaches 10 minutes away," Melanie Harris said.

Some have even accused the LNP of using the announcement as a ploy to buy votes.

"I see they are doing the usual trying to buy votes. Action speaks louder than words and past performance is a good indicator of future performance," Rick Macca said.

Others insisted the region could benefit by spending the money elsewhere.

"What about parking at the hospital for staff and patients? I'd rather see that improved over a water park..." Katie Kleidon said.

"Put the money into mental health and rehab centres, going to need them if they bring in the cashless debit card," Vivien Wetherall said.

Though the reception has been mostly cool, there were some positive comments.

"I think it is a good idea and very multi-purpose. It's been on everyone's wish list for ages," Dee Browne said.

"A kids resort with one of these would be great as Bundy offers little for a younger family visiting,the beach is nice but gets a bit boring," Daryl Hallard said.

The LNP's candidate for Bundaberg, David Batt, said a new purpose-built aquatic centre was desperately needed and long overdue.

"Many of the Bundaberg residents I've met in recent weeks tell me a water park is top of their wishlist," Mr Batt said.

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