$100,000 for new CBD bins

MORE than $100,000 is to be spent on replacing the waste bins in the Bundaberg CBD.

At a meeting yesterday, Bundaberg Regional Council agreed to accept a tender from local company SITE Systems for $103,950 to replace the bins.

In a report to the council, environmental services manager Geordie Lascelles said the replacement of the existing heritage-style street tidy bins was first discussed in March last year.

He said the present bins were first placed in the CBD in 1992.

But he said the bins were small and required manual emptying twice a day.

They had also aged in appearance, were often vandalised and needed costly repairs and maintenance.

Mr Lascelles said the council had consulted 50 businesses in the CBD about replacing the bins, and 22 responses were received.

"Proposed bin enclosures will be of two types, general waste and recycling," he said.

"Bins will be anodised aluminium, complementing the current characteristics of the CBD streetscape."

Mr Lascelles said the SITE Systems tender allowed for 34 general waste bins at $1750 each and 20 recycling bins at $1750 each, including the costs of delivery.

Costs to remove the present bins and replace them with the new ones would be about $400 each.

Mr Lascelles said this year's budget had provided $90,000 to replace the existing bins.

However, since the tender exceeded that amount the project would need to be staged.

Mr Lascelles said the first phase of the project would focus on the replacement of the bins in Bourbong St.

The council decided to go ahead with the replacement of the bins in two stages, with the new bins to be a beige colour.

The first would be under this year's budget and funds would be allocated in next year's budget to finish the project.

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