The 10 worst types of photos guys use on Tinder

TINDER. It's like a night out, speed dating and a place to make new friends without leaving your couch all rolled into one. 

For those who haven't used the mobile application, here's how it works - basically you sign up, then based on your settings, men and/or women within a certain distance of you will appear.

You then swipe right if you think they're awesome, or left if you don't. If you both swipe right, you become a match and can start talking. 

Tinder has had a fair share of bad press, but not everyone who uses the app is a weirdo. In fact, some people are just looking for friends, although, many are looking for casual hook-ups and dating. 

With that out of the way, let's talk Tinder profile photos. A profile photo is your first introduction to the person who holds the power to swipe right or banish you forever to the land of the left. 

That's why it's so puzzling that so many profiles seem to have the following kinds of photos... even though they really shouldn't. 

Coming in at number one on the list...

1. The wedding or happy family photo

All this does is tell me A. You're married and wanting to cheat, B. You're divorced or separated and really can't let go or C. You're in an open relationship... And hey that may be the case, but I've never seen someone state that, so really, you're probably not in a happily open relationship. It spells complication right from the start. 

Look at my lovely family, want to help me cheat?
Look at my lovely family, want to help me cheat?

2. The naked (or clothed) crotch shot

Wrong on every level. Just... so wrong. If you have a face, please use that instead. 

Face? Why would you want to see that?
Face? Why would you want to see that?

3. The generic, overly-used meme

Any main image makes a reference to "winning" or about how nerdy/cool/political you are. Admittedly, this isn't the worse type of Tinder image you could use, and hey, some people may find it funny. 

4. The group shot

Which one are you again? No, really, there are seven people in this photo, who are you?

5. The tongue

Why are you showing me your tongue? Is this your way of being rebellious and cool? Are you a big Miley Cyrus fan? I'm confused. 

Hey! Apparently chicks really dig seeing your tongue!
Hey! Apparently chicks really dig seeing your tongue!

6. The constant frown

Tinder gives you the ability to have up to six photos online. That's why it's so puzzling that some people can't even crack a smile in one of them. Everyone smiles sometimes. Right?

7. The butt pic 

Oh look, it's your butt. For some curious reason, it seems guys are often mooning at a national park or beach. Next! 

8. The drunken selfie

You're redder than a beetroot and have half a beer in your hand, your mate is in the background making a rude hand gesture and your dog looks confused. Maybe sobering up first is the way to go. 

You mean this pic of me mooning at a national park with my drunk friends isn't hot?
You mean this pic of me mooning at a national park with my drunk friends isn't hot?

9. The background mess

Your bathroom floor is covered in dirty clothes, you've got hair clogging your bath drain and you're out of toilet paper. I shouldn't know this from a photo, or maybe it's just better that I do.

10. The fake photo for purposes of making you swipe right 

While some photos are confusing, silly or gross, probably the most deceptive is the outright fake photo of someone else. Usually this is to encourage someone to swipe right, and at the point of chatting the fake-pic-dude reveals he used a fake photo just to get girls to talk. You'd be better off being honest and open, even if it takes you longer to find someone, than starting something with a lie.

Just don't be so honest that I can see your dirty laundry or your butt.