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10 ways locals say Rosie the mystery walker inspires them

IT ALL started on Facebook. 

Locals posted about a lovely walking lady who always walked with a smile and who made them feel inspired. 

The NewsMail ran a story to try and find her, and when we did, locals were quick to heap praise on the local lady they say makes their world a better place. 

Here is what 10 of those people had to say. 

Glenn Thiedeke I was tempted to ask her what she was taking as she looked so happy and carefree, so I could get some for myself.

Davina Johnson I see you Rosie most mornings on my way to work, your happy little bop, energy and spring in your step always makes me smile.

Sonia Hancock I'm glad there is now a name to that smiling face we pass every morning on the way to school. Love seeing her bop away with a spring in her step to her favourite tunes. You're an inspiration to many. Keep it up Rosie!

Christy Marree Karen-Ann This is the amazing inspiring women!! She is still still inspiring me when I'm in Townsville.

Laura Dove I see you most mornings on my way to work and think "what an inspiration" as you can tell you love what you are doing! Yay for you!

David Ace Chambers We see her nearly every day. Always so happy and energized. Lovely to see and she always makes us smile... then feel a little bad for being lazy. Haha.

Leanne Smoothy Rosie you are amazing - I actually look for you along my way to work each day cause no matter how flat I am feeling - as soon as I see you I start to smile! I have wanted to beep so many times! You are looking fantastic too!

Cass N Rylan Cogan Makes me smile every time I see her.

Krystal Ralph I see this lady most mornings and she is awesome! She puts a smile on my face. Good on her, I think she's great.

Nikki Connellan I see you walking most mornings on my way to work. You always put a smile on my face when I see how much you are enjoying your walk.