Bundaberg musician Matt Barker.
Bundaberg musician Matt Barker. Contributed

10 Things About You - Bundy musician Matt Barker

THIS week we catch up for a quick chat with Bundaberg musician Matt Barker.

What is your favourite song?

So many to choose from. City and Colour are up there with We Found Each Other In The Dark and anything by Ray Lamontagne.

If you went on any reality TV show, which one would it be?

Honestly I am not a fan of talent shows. I can't cook very well and I have no building skills. I am shy and I prefer to keep my personal life private, so I would choose something like Who Dares Wins.

What's the best thing about being a musician?

Best thing about being a musician is I get to do something I love, be creative, travel and entertain people.

What's the worst thing about being a musician?

The worst thing is that it is a very hard career to make a living from, you are always being judged and most often you are unrespected.

What's your favourite lolly?

Eclairs for sure.

Which three people would you love to sit down for dinner with?

For a musical interest I would love to have dinner with Dave Matthews, Ray Lamontage and Dallas Green. These three are big influences on my own songwriting.

Have you ever been overseas?

When I was 21, I went on a cruise to Vanuatu. I have also been to Thailand. I am looking forward to traveling more overseas soon with my family. I have travelled throughout Australia and I think it is very important to discover your own country.

What's your favourite film of all time?

I worked at Video Ezy in Bundaberg for over seven years when I was at school/university so it is impossible to name just one.

Have you ever accidentally found something interesting, like an old coin?

I am like my father, I tend to hoard a little haha so always discovering old things I forgot I had. I recently found a fox whistle hidden away that my dad gave me when I was a boy.

Do you have a favourite sport?

My dad raced motorbikes and sidecars when I was younger, I was born in Victoria so I enjoy the AFL. And spending most of my life in Queensland, I back the Queenslanders in the State of Origin.

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