ROYAL VISIT: Bettina Scherer s Farther Fred Buss former Mayor of Bundaberg and her mother greet the Queen at the showgrounds in 1954. Photo: contributed
ROYAL VISIT: Bettina Scherer s Farther Fred Buss former Mayor of Bundaberg and her mother greet the Queen at the showgrounds in 1954. Photo: contributed contributed BUN241011QUE4

10 news snippets from 100 years of Bundaberg's history

THERE'S so much to look back on in Bundaberg's history. 

Here are 10 snippets from the news over the years. 

1900 - vessel sinks in Burnett River

The steam launch Bompey sank and the recruiter Lochiel was seriously damaged when they crashed into the Burnett River Traffic Bridge. 

Bompey had been lashed to Lochiel so it could be towed down the Burnett River, but a series of misjudgements resulted in the vessels swinging broadside and collecting a bridge support. 

Bompey sank stern first, but the crews of both vessels escaped unharmed. 

Lochiel was later towed to Brisbane by Lady Musgrave for repairs estimated at 500 pounds. 

Damage to the bridge was estimated at 10 pounds. 

A marine board of inquiry heard evidence in Bundaberg and Brisbane. 

1912 - Man found guilty of living on earnings of 'bad women'

In the first case at the local police court under the Health Act, Henry Parr was charged with being a male person living on the earnings of "bad women".

Emily Staye, on oath, said Mr Parr had not worked but lived on her earnings, about 1 pound per day, from prostitution for the past seven months. 

Parr was found guilty and fined 25 pounds, or six months' jail. 

1927 - "Spooning" couples annoy school's neighbours 

A raid was made on the school and grounds of the central school for "spooning couples" who had been causing neighbours some annoyance. 

The school committee, with the help of the police force, rounded them up in a manner that surprised the couples. 

It was claimed steps would be taken to prosecute any further trespassers. 

1935 - Cop sniffs out opium 

A police officer's keen sense of smell was responsible for the arrest of a Chinese man who was employed as a cook in a city hotel, being in possession of opium. 

It is understood he only held a small amount of opium. 

1949 - Mayor praised for bold outfit choices

Mayor Ald Fred Buss was commended on March 11 for being bold enough to wear lightweight clothing more suitable for the Queensland climate. 

1953 - NewsMail called for better rights for Aboriginal people 

In an editorial, the NewsMail called for full citizenship, the vote and better education and social services for Aboriginal people. 

The editorial criticised the outdated model of the time and said it was time for it to change.

1962 - No clues about human bones

Bundaberg Police believed that human remains may have been carted around unknowingly to various parts of the city and district by contractors taking their gravel from a pit at Tantitha where bones were unearthed.

Police continued investigations into the mystery of the human bones, but failed to find any more clues.  

1971 - Much-loved cafe closes its doors 

Hundreds of people called in at Lewis Bros Cafe before it finally closed on June 30. 

The manager, Mrs O'Gee, had been with the cafe for 42 years. 

Cook and shop assistant John La Spina planned to take an around the world trip in 30 days after working at the cafe for 16 years. 

1986 - Moncrieff hosts the Australian Star Trek premiere 

The Moncrieff Theatre opened with the first public showing in Australia of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. 

The theatre, formerly Crest Cinema, underwent alterations estimated at $1.5m after it was bought by the city council in 1985. 

A grand plan for the Moncrieff centre for the arts was dropped after it failed to win funding from the Australian Bicentennial Authority. 

1994 - Man's life is saved by a stranger 

Bundaberg restaurant manager John Evans never thought he would be so happy to see a pair of bare feet until a total stranger kicked in the windscreen of his burning car, and saved his life. 

Jamie Bratley hoisted Mr Evans to safety minutes before the petrol tank exploded. 

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