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Natraspray Pest Control

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About Us

Natraspray Pest Control HOW DOES IT WORK? The products Natraspray use are modelled on a natural plant extract from the Pyrethrum Daisy. This extract has been recognised for thousands of years for its effective insect killing properties. The ancient Chinese used dried extracts from this flower to kill Fleas and Lice. When applied correctly by your Professional Natraspray Operator, it will not harm you, your children, pets or the environment. Natraspray only use natural pest control methods Friendly and Odourless (No Vapours) biodegradable to the environment products. These natural pest control products are only deadly to insects and will not harm your Pets, Plants, Family or yourself. Our natural pest control products are Non Hazardous and Non Irritant, which allows us to treat Hospitals including the Maternity, Asthmatic and Intensive Care Wards. We also treat Childcare Centres, Health Shops, Restaurants including Fast Food outlets, Butchers, Clubs, Pet Shops, Schools etc.


Natraspray Pest Control

134, Targo St, Walkervale, Queensland, 4670, Australia