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Lubrication Active

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Welcome to Lubrication Active, a distributor of PM Lubricants. PM stands for Preventative and Predictive Maintenance. Preventative-premium quality sees longer component life. Predictive- condition monitoring provides knowledge of oil & equipment condition, allowing users to plan oil changes and maintenance schedules. It also stands for Profit Maximisation, because the lubricants ensure higher returns and lower operating costs for your machinery, across industry. PM Lubricants is an Australian owned, Qld based company that specialises in high quality lubricants specifically formulated for Australia's tough operating conditions. Adoption of the complete Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Lubrication concept guarantees up to a 15% saving in equipment operating costs. Most importantly, use of PM Lubricants would see a reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in intervals between services-a vital saving with today's high fuel prices and labour costs. Call us today to hear the PM story and get details of our lubrication concept. 


Lubrication Active

Unit 4 105 Archibald St, Paget, Queensland, 4740, Australia