Lucky Escape

Video Published: 10 Feb 2016

An elderly couple are lucky to survive after being toppled by a wave on a French beach.

Beach, France, Rescue, Rogue Wave

Enclosed beach hit by massive wave

Video Published: 19 Aug 2013

Swimmer enjoy the calm waters offered by an enclosed beach get quite a fright when a massive waves hits. Courtesy:...

Beach, Viral Video, Youtube

Friends, falls and focus found on a beach slackline

Story Published: 9 Jan 2016

THERE is nothing like being hit in the groin to make you reassess your chosen afternoon activity.

Beach, Slackline, Weekend Mag Challenge, Why Not Try

Surfers ‘stonewalled’ over concerns about shark barrier

Story Published: 29 Jun 2016

"THEYare looking at preventing attacks ... yet they are still happy to put in a barrier which is going to be a direct...

Ballina, Beach, Eco Barrier, Lennox Head, Shark, Surfer, Surfing

OPINION: Sharks are out there, playing by their own rules

Story Published: 15 Apr 2016

AN INCREASE in bait fish is bringing large sharks close to shore, so it's time to be careful. Sharks will not hesitate to...

Ballina, Beach, Byron Bay, Outdoor-Living, School Holdidays, Shark, Surfing

Iconic North Coast home sells for record price of $1.4m

Story Published: 14 Apr 2016

REGULAR visitors to Brunswick Heads have snapped up an iconic home in the village, paying almost $1.4 million, and breaking...

Beach, Brunswich Heads, House, Real Estate, Record Price

Nude sighting sends Facebook into frenzy

Story Published: 5 Apr 2016

NUDE too rude for our beaches? That’s the debate raging on Facebook after a user posted about the sighting of a naked man...

Beach, Editors Picks, Facebook, Nudity

Authorities leave dead whale, let nature take its course

Story Published: 25 Aug 2015

LOCAL authorities will leave the stinking carcass of a whale washed up on Back Beach at Angourie to the ghost crabs and...

Angourie, Beach, Nsw Office Of Environment And Heritage, Whale

Baby rescued 1km out to sea after parents forgot about her

Story Published: 4 Jul 2015

A 10-MONTH-OLD baby was rescued floating out at sea 1km from land after her parents forgot about her.

Baby, Beach, Editors Picks, Rescue, Turkey

Are you beach body ready? ad sparks massive backlash

Story Published: 27 Apr 2015

"ARE you beach body ready?" These bold black letters - against a bright yellow background and a tanned, bikini-clad model ...

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