February 2015

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PRIME Minister Tony Abbott says the government is increasing its pressure on Indonesia ahead of the imminent execution of two Australian drug smugglers.

Abbott dials up pressure on Indonesia ahead of executions

"All the pressure of an ant shoving the australian continent. Why doesn't he find out why the..."

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ALMOST 200 foreign criminals including suspected members or associates of bikie gangs have had their visas cancelled in the last two months.

188 Visas cancelled for crimes under new cancellation laws

"Could we cancel tony abbotts passport while he overseas ? That would save the country from higher ..."

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THE NSW Coalition Government has re-committed to offering a share of $50 million to redevelop the Macksville Hospital if re-elected next month.

NSW Coalition's Macksville Hospital election promise

"It must be election time again when the libs are interested in public hospitals, what a bunch of..."

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Penalty rates for retail workers is today being raised as a State Election issue in Coffs Harbour.

Penalty rate rollback on the election agenda

"Why is it, that its always the lowest paid that have to take pay cuts to improve the economy ? don't..."

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<strong>UPDATE: </strong>After much discussion, a 6-3 vote means Council will proceed with an application to IPART for a permanent notional general rate rise.

LIVE: Bid for rate rise to proceed after 6-3 council vote

"The reckless squanderers win again..."

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ANOTHER 12,200 Australians lost their jobs last month, bringing the nation’s unemployed rate to a 12-year high of 6.4%, new figures show.

Jobless rate reaches 12-year high

"keating faced a global recession, i was in london at the time the jobs market was dire there as..."

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ANYONE who believes the State and Federal governments have their heads in the sand on climate change can join a protest by the MNC and Coffs Harbour Greens.

Heads in sand on climate

"not true"

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SHE believes in shaking people’s hands and looking them square in the eye, and in seven weeks June Smith hopes to be Coffs Harbour’s MP.

Labor candidate: Coffs Coast voices need to be heard

"We need change urgently, the National party are a joke and seem to represent rich corporate farming..."

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COWPER MP Luke Hartsuyker has criticised the ACCC on their response to his recent correspondence on fuel pricing in regional areas.

Hartsuyker: ACCC response to fuel pricing inadequate

"Luke voted for the petrol tax increase ...he votes for everything abbott does. lukes voting record..."

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