July 2015

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THE country’s first clinical trials of medical marijuana will begin in NSW next year.

Australian-first medical cannabis trial starts next year

"Marijuana is far less harmful than tobacco or alcohol so it's pretty stupid that it's illegal in the..."

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AUSSIE men say they are more fuel efficient than their female counterparts but most drivers reckon they still have a lot to learn.

Why blokes say they are more efficient than women...

"The open window would be more fuel efficient than air con. The butts out the window would stop the air..."

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I HAVE been The Queensland Times special publications editor for the past year.

OPINION: Why I love being a journalist

"As long as you stay away from gutter journalism like A Current Affair you should do well. Tell the..."

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PRIME Minister Abbott and Treasurer Hockey are pushing for a 5% rise in GST using the catch cry that this rise will fund more hospitals and health care.

YOUR SAY: Why do the rich need another tax break?

"Most workers pay zero income tax taking into account the handouts from the government. Every public..."

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NEWLY released footage showing Russian-backed rebels rifling through the belongings of dead passengers from flight MH17 has been described as "sickening".

New MH17 video 'sickening' to watch says Bishop

"I agree with you but it's not compensation the US and some of the world is looking for in this case..."

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SAVING at the bowser doesn't just mean looking around for the best fuel price. It can also come down to the way you manoeuvre your vehicle on the roads.

Costbusters: Drive down fuel costs

"And you think the ALP will do any better? They voted against Howard freezing the automatic half yearly..."

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ROAR goalkeeper Jamie Young impressed as Brisbane pushed its higher-fancied opponents Liverpool all the way, losing 2-1 at Suncorp Stadium.

Brisbane Roar student Jamie Young shines in defeat

"2-1 how boring? If I was paying players $100,000 - $200,000 a game they should at least score some..."

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AN ANGRY parent has been fined for berating the principal of a Goodna school in front of young students.

Parent cops fine for outburst at principal

"Carrying on like an idiot in front children should always have consequences. Insulting people usually..."

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AUSTRALIAN of the Year Rosie Batty is urging Australians to join a push for compulsory domestic violence education for our children.

Sign on the line to teach our kids respect

"The story was going well until she said violence against women and children. She must still be in..."

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AN analysis of RACQ data shows there is a huge divide between the state’s five cheapest and five dearest cars to run.

What does it cost to run your car? Size does matter

"Pretty cheap apart from the massive pollution caused by motorbikes. The emissions for various..."

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