November 2015

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PAUL William Walker III has filed a lawsuit against the luxury car company for wrongful death and negligence.

Paul Walker's dad suing Porsche over actor's death

"Only in America can somebody sue a car company after somebody recklessly crashes one of their cars and..."

October 2015

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<strong>NEW VIDEO</strong> A five metre crocodile spotted in waters off Mackay has prompted calls for authorities to take action before a child is attacked.

VIDEO: Locals fear crocodile will attack children

"Stop taking away the crocs food and leave it alone and there will be no problems. They were here..."

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A LARGE cluster of objects in space look like something you would "expect an alien civilization to build", astronomers have said.

Astronomers find star may have alien 'megastructures'

"As long as scientists continue to believe that every living thing needs water and the same air as ours..."

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THE LNP has inched ahead of Labor in the latest Morgan poll, with the Opposition gaining three points in the last month.

Lawrence Springborg-led LNP ahead of Labor in latest poll

"The ALP sold QR the LNP sold a couple of dilapidated buildings. What is worse? At least the LNP only..."

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AFTER a brief spark of recognition in the value Australians place on basic human rights, the federal Coalition government has reverted to putting cuts before common sense.

OPINION: Abandoning Paid Parental Leave takes us backward

"Wasn't it the ALP that knocked back the proposed scheme that the LNP went to the election on? The..."

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LABOR'S assault on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s financial affairs is a risky tactic, not least because it badly jars with the positive vibe.

OPINION: Labor jars with attack on Turnbull on tax

"Most Australians effectively pay no tax at all at least he pays tax."

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IPSWICH punters have lost more than $95.4 million in poker machines in the first eight months of this year.

Ipswich punters lose $95m to pokies in just eight months

"It's all computer collected data. It's not statistics were somebody guesses numbers. You never see many..."

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As we mark national Safe Work Month in October, it is timely for all of us in the Ipswich community to make sure that workplace safety is a top priority.

YOUR SAY: Safety must be priority in Ipswich workplaces

"A company can have the best safety measures in place but it's up to the workers to follow those..."

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UPDATE: MORE than 13,000 people have signed Boulia farmer Jack Neilson's #dollarfordrought campaign petition overnight.

Over 20,000 signatures on #dollarfordrought petition

"They bulldoze the land so there are no trees in sight and wonder why they have no moisture retention..."

September 2015

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HEMP is one of the oldest crops around. It is cultivated worldwide including Australia and is currently used as a source of clothing and building products.

WATERCOOLER: Should hemp be legalised for consumption?

"Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs available. "

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