October 2015

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IPSWICH punters have lost more than $95.4 million in poker machines in the first eight months of this year.

Ipswich punters lose $95m to pokies in just eight months

"It's all computer collected data. It's not statistics were somebody guesses numbers. You never see many..."

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As we mark national Safe Work Month in October, it is timely for all of us in the Ipswich community to make sure that workplace safety is a top priority.

YOUR SAY: Safety must be priority in Ipswich workplaces

"A company can have the best safety measures in place but it's up to the workers to follow those..."

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UPDATE: MORE than 13,000 people have signed Boulia farmer Jack Neilson's #dollarfordrought campaign petition overnight.

Over 20,000 signatures on #dollarfordrought petition

"They bulldoze the land so there are no trees in sight and wonder why they have no moisture retention..."

September 2015

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HEMP is one of the oldest crops around. It is cultivated worldwide including Australia and is currently used as a source of clothing and building products.

WATERCOOLER: Should hemp be legalised for consumption?

"Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs available. "

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THE reaction from drivers to flashing lights and sirens must be a constant source of frustration for emergency services on the road to life-or-death situations.

OPINION: Lights and sirens mean clear the way

"Your not allowed to go through a red light."

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THE high quality of education offered at Ipswich Catholic schools is at risk, with many teachers feeling overworked and underpaid.

Union says staff 'overwhelmed' and short-changed $6K

"3.25% is just greed by the unions."

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A MIDDLE-AGED man threw a brick through his partner’s car window in a tit-for-tat response after she rammed his car.

Ipswich man throws brick through partner's car window

"What did she get fined?"

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A FATHER of two was caught with fireworks in his cup holders and a used syringe under his seat when police pulled him over and searched his car.

Father fined $300 over fireworks and syringe possession

"Fireworks were banned before this guy was born so all his life he knew they were illegal."

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MINORITY Christian groups have predicted the world will end later this month – when they say a ‘blood moon’ will bring about an apocalyptic meteor strike.

End of world fears escalate with blood red moon

"What a load of rubbish. Everything that happened to Israel was done by humans not spirits or things in..."

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GAME-breaking fullback Greg Inglis has declared himself 100% ready to burst back for South Sydney in its elimination final against Cronulla on Sunday.

Set for a ban after bottled-up anger

"If he was a member of the public he would be banned from the ground for life and kicked out of the..."

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