February 2015

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IT WAS the phone call that has led to a $577,790 windfall for Ipswich residents who broke parking laws.

Parking fine fiasco sees Council refund $577,790

"If you sign a stat dec that you weren't driving you have to state who was driving so they get the fine."

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TONY Abbott and his team of inefficient and often incompetent ministers have presided over one of the least effective governments we have had in recent times.

YOUR SAY: Make wealthy pay fair share of tax burden

"Why should people who earn more money pay a higher percentage of tax? They can't do much about the..."

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QUEENSLAND Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says her new Cabinet will be focussed on job creation, listening to Queenslanders and acting on their concerns.

Qld Cabinet to focus on jobs, scrapping asset sales

"Another promise was not to appoint mates to Director General positions and to advertise and appoint..."

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A TEENAGE passenger caused a two-vehicle crash when he pulled on the handbrake of a moving car during a drunken row.

Passenger caused crash by pulling on handbrake during row

"At least he got jail but how do you lose your license when you weren't driving?"

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HUNDREDS of Telstra customers in areas surrounding Esk can now connect to the National Broadband Network (NBN) using fixed wireless technology.

Esk residents are now hooked up to the NBN

"If you look it up it costs about the same as normal broadband."

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A FINAL election result may still be days away after only 35 of the 89 Queensland seats were officially declared Tuesday night.

Queensland election: only 35 of 89 seats declared

"Not much they can do about it if votes were still coming in up till yesterday. They don't make the..."

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A FORMER nurse has called for a change to parking requirements at Nambour General Hospital after other nurses copped $227 in fines for parking in disabled spots

Hospital staff fined for parking in disabled spots at night

"Why should they get free parking? Hardly anybody gets free parking at work and they earn enough to pay..."

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THE White House may declassify still-secret sections of an official inquiry into the 9/11 terrorist attacks which refer to possible Saudi Arabian support.

Just what are Saudi Arabia's ties to al-Qaeda?

"As long as every country with nuclear weapons have a veto vote in the UN the world will never be..."

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YOU might call it a one of those good problems.

Gridlock at the drive-in as theatre reaches new success

"400 cars and 2000 people doesn't really add up. 5 per car? From old memories with threats of police..."

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