March 2015

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LABOR has narrowly survived its first test of confidence in the Queensland Parliament after two Katter party MPs abstained from voting.

ALP survives first test of confidence in Parliament vote

"The ALP has no sensible legislation, they only got in because of the arrogance of Newman."

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Labor will push ahead with its plan to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence, first mooted in January last year, which will see a 1am lockout for pubs and clubs

Queenslanders to face 1am lockouts and 3am last drinks

"The laws used to be 10am to 10pm guess who changed that? Guess who allowed the casino 24hr service?..."

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THE Four Wheel Drive Queensland Association has responded to a Daily opinion piece that suggests drivers don't park next to smaller cars in shopping centres.

Angry 4WD owners blast Daily columnist

"Typical arrogant reply from a 4wd organisation. Why don't they explain why the majority go out their..."

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RACING Queensland has stood down 23 more Queensland greyhound trainers as part of its investigation into live baiting.

Live baiting scandal: another 23 trainers stood down

"Didn't most of the board that oversaw this for years quit with massive payouts when the LNP got in? I..."

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MORGAN Davey is glad she isn’t scared of spiders.

Redback spider found in grapes from Coles in Rockhampton

"But Australian fruit has the highest standards so can't possibly contain anything but fruit."

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QUEENSLAND'S economy will suffer if changes are made to minimum wages and penalty rates, a union member says.

Unions warn economy will suffer if penalty rates scrapped

"Pretty easy to do. I got $1100 for the G20 public holiday for 9 hours work. 2 hours at quadruple time..."

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A STATE-WIDE legal service is struggling to meet the sky-rocketing calls for help from domestic violence victims.

Legal service can't keep up with pleas for help from women

"Going by the statistics 13 men would have been killed by domestic violence during the same period."

February 2015

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IT WAS the phone call that has led to a $577,790 windfall for Ipswich residents who broke parking laws.

Parking fine fiasco sees Council refund $577,790

"If you sign a stat dec that you weren't driving you have to state who was driving so they get the fine."

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TONY Abbott and his team of inefficient and often incompetent ministers have presided over one of the least effective governments we have had in recent times.

YOUR SAY: Make wealthy pay fair share of tax burden

"Why should people who earn more money pay a higher percentage of tax? They can't do much about the..."

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