August 2015

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THE next stops for Ipswich’s kerbside collection have been announced.

Next stop for kerbside clean-up

"Flinders View goes through to next week."

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THE difference between a study and a third bedroom has landed Fraser Coast Regional Council in the state’s highest court.

Council appeals decision that could cost ratepayers $688k

"Apparently $8,000."

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CATHOLIC schools in Ipswich could face disruption, with teachers threatening to strike over what they believe to be unfair work conditions and low pay.

Catholic teachers threaten to strike over pay

"A pay rise of double the inflation rate is greedy. They can move interstate if they want get more..."

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THE Queensland Government has unveiled its plan to improve road safety and is targeting repeat mobile phone offenders with double demerit points.

Double demerits if caught twice on phone while driving

"Police are exempt from the mobile phone laws just like taxi drivers don't have to wear seat belts and..."

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A DISQUALIFIED driver had methamphetamine in his system as he was driving his son to the shops.

Driving with his son while disqualified and on drugs

"They keep giving cars back to disqualified drivers so what do they expect?"

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THANKS to the Palaszczuk Government, TransLink, and Transport and Main Roads for the free travel for seniors this coming weekend.

YOUR SAY: Free ride for seniors welcomed

"Just increase taxes so the price of the fares go down."

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IF YOU get along with your neighbours consider yourself lucky because many in Ipswich claim to be living next door to people who are making their lives hell.

Tormented by nightmare neighbours? You're not alone

"The size of the land has nothing to do with bad neighbours. Bad neighbours will be bad no matter how..."

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A MINING union has slammed BHP Billiton (BMA) for its decision to replace nearly half of its permanent workforce with contractors.

Union: Blackwater community faces 'deep uncertainty'

"So everything you buy is made in Australia? Most workplace accidents are caused by workers flouting the..."

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I SPENT an enjoyable morning on Monday at Bundamba State High School speaking with their Year 10 students.

OPINION: Find a job that makes you happy

"I was taught computer programming at school 30 years ago in Ipswich. What you do with it is up to..."

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KYLIE Jenner has reportedly been offered $10 million to become an adult movie star.

Kylie Jenner offered $10m to be adult star

"Who pays for porn these days? There are better looking normal people out there free on the internet."

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