May 2015

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AUSTRALIANS will receive access to a local doctor after-hours under a new $98.8m initiative aimed at encouraging GPs to treat patients outside business hours.

$98.8m scheme to give after hour access to local GPs

"You can get after hours house calls that all bulk bill as well."

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WHO’S Mr Gorsky?

OPINION: Make my day, Neil Armstrong

"Good story if it was true."

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POLICE have continued to take reports of heavy traffic near the bridge repair works on the Cunningham Highway.

Heavy traffic continues at roadwork site

"You would think that if you knew that there were delays over a long period you would go another way."

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<strong>UPDATE:</strong> I've been walking around the inner city parking meters with my grandchildren with their calculators.

YOUR SAY: City workers could be allowed free parking

"So you want ratepayers, the vast majority of which don't work in the CBD to provide free parking for..."

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RAIL Back on Track welcomes Springfield Land Corporation’s exploration of transport options for Springfield.

YOUR SAY: Transport upgrade a must for Springfield

"It may allow express services all day but there are no outbound express trains after 7:39 am or inbound..."

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THOUSANDS of Uber drivers across the nation will have to register for GST by August 1.

Uber taxi GST-free ride is about to end

"They work for a multi billion dollar company whose overall turnover is the one that counts. Individual..."

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THE NEW car park at Ipswich railway station will be a win-win for commuters and city workers.

New carpark a win for all, says Antoniolli

"In one breath he says it's for train passengers then he says inner city work force will be able to find..."

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KEN Alderton is one hundred per cent right when he suggests we as a community cannot have it both ways regarding Brisbane River flood mitigation.

YOUR SAY: We can’t have it both ways on dam releases

"If you checked the facts you would know that the "flood storage compartment" reached the maximum level..."

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YOU see police conducting random breath tests or a speed radar on the side of the highway and you give a flash of the headlights to the oncoming traffic.

Road rule mythbuster: high beam speed trap warnings illegal

"If you don't speed you don't get a fine, pretty simple. Why doesn't everybody protest about the..."

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A MAN has been found guilty of throwing his 4-year-old daughter off a cliff because he did not want to pay child support.

Man threw 4yo daughter off cliff to avoid child support

"12 years in jail waiting for a conviction seems pretty ridiculous. He deserves whatever he gets now..."

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