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"Just means that it is one persons word against another with no independent witnesses. Doesn't prove he..."

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"They were in for ten times longer so they actually spent less by percentage than the LNP according to..."

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"The Americans showed us how to do it in the 70's and we may just now catch up."

QT Photographer Inga Williams was aboard an RAAF Airbus A330 KC-30A that left Amberley this week to refuel Super Hornets in the skies over Darwin.

Amberley fuels up

21 Aug 2014

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"As long as the ratepayers and not all taxpayers pay for their choice it's ok."

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THE Cathedral College student is half way through her first year fitter and turner school-based apprenticeship with Aurizon.

Erica is student of the year at Queensland Training Awards

9 Aug 2014

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"You don't have to keep left if you are doing the speed limit and there is traffic in other lanes."

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"Indicating lets others know if they can proceed onto the roundabout. Roundabouts are there to keep the..."

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"Indonesia had a female president early this century. Nine Muslim countries have had female presidents..."

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"If you don't call the police they can't respond and from the story she only rang them once and they..."

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"Maybe these billion dollar multi-national non tax paying churches could put their profits into some of..."

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